a real treat, a rare occasion, + how did they KNOW?

It may be a big family thing, but every time we have an appointment in town it feels like a huge event. :) I actually like it that way because even something as simple as a doctor's appointment feels like a treat. :D We try not to go many places these days (a huge change from my early mothering days) because I really just love being home the most. And staying home keeps us in a routine and gives me energy to do more work around the house, and more energy to cook and exercise too. :)

Yesterday was one of our "treat" days when we had our second appointment of the week. This time it wasn't for me (a rarity), but for a checkup on our burn patient:

I'm 98% sure this accident was the only time in our 17.5 year history that he has been to the doctor. My dad said there must have been kryptonite on that roof, and I have to agree. My husband is basically Superman. :)

We had an afternoon appointment, and though the children had eaten before we left, when we went to eat lunch, they ate again. Anyone who knows my children would not be surprised. They can EAT. :D

As the saying goes in the South, they came by it honestly- meaning they inherited their ability to devour food from their parents. :D I'm not sure any restaurant can make money on our family when a buffet is involved:

After our big lunch, we came home and rested, did chores, and then the kids played Settlers of Canaan (two are hiding in this pic): 

Then later while dinner was cooking, we went on a walk. It had rained throughout the day, and by evening the sky was blue and it was almost cool outside. It was lovely:

And the littles didn't cry the whole time! Another win in my book. :D Some days we aren't as lucky. ;)

So I wear a Fitbit activity tracker every day and it monitors my sleep and offers me "insight" into my sleeping habits. I laughed when this message popped up on my sleep page. How did they know something keeps waking me up??? ;)

It's a tough job to eat 3-4 times a night, but a certain little someone is up for the challenge:

And she's always ready and alert when it's bedtime...  :D

Who really needs sleep anyway when you have such a cute little face to stare at you all night? ;)